You have to be willing to travel in order to travel

We get a lot of people who call us and they want to experience new places that they have only heard about or seen on TV, but they always tell me they don’t want to fly long distances. This reminds me of an old saying in the travel business, which is, “If you want to travel, you have to be willing to travel”.  Let me explain what this means. We just returned from a cruise to the Mediterranean and this saying is worth its weight in gold. As a young child I was forced to learn about world history, and I didn’t really appreciate it all in my pre-high school years. But after just returning from this trip, and seeing the gondolas of Venice, the Acropolis in Athens, the Coliseum in Rome, the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City and the Statue of David in Florence with my own two eyes all I can say is….WOW !!!!!!  People who are not willing to spend the money or the time to fly to these incredible destinations and experience ancient history and see these amazing sites are truly missing out.

I know air travel is not what it used to be, I will be the first to admit that. But think of it this way, it’s the shortest part of your vacation. Yes, it might take you a full day to get there and a full day to get back but you will have a fabulous time for the 7-14 days you are there. Look at the glass as being half full and not half empty and you will come back from the trip with tons of fantastic photos, enrichment and memories that can last a lifetime.