What type of cruise line should I choose ?

February 11, 2014 at 10:47pm

by Steve Rice; The Cruise Butler

Choosing a cruise line to travel on is just like choosing a hotel chain to stay at. With hotels you have many inexpensive options, mid-range options and high end hotels to choose from. Well the cruise lines are no different. Some are very inexpensive, some are mid-range and others are on the high side. But it’s important to note just like with the hotels you get what you pay for! Even though the higher priced cruise lines will cost you more upfront they include a lot more than the mass market cruise lines do. Many times gratuities, specialty restaurants, wine, beer, sodas, bottled water, internet, alcoholic beverages, champagne breakfasts, gourmet coffees, teas, even shore excursions and more will be included. The majority of the inexpensive to mid-range cruise lines you will charge you more for all these extras.

If you are looking for a smaller ship with fewer passengers onboard then I would encourage you to consider one of these options. The mid-size to large sized ships can hold up to 3-6 thousand people. These smaller ships typically hold just between 120-1200 people.

Another huge benefit of these smaller cruise lines is that they can generally increase your sightseeing time in port. This maximizes your vacation time. Thinks about it, how long do you think it takes to board 200-500 people compared to boarding 3-6 thousand people?

Avalon SuitesSmaller ships like river cruises dock in the heart of town and you’re within walking distance to all the sightseeing attractions. Many other ships will drop anchor right in a cove of a gorgeous beach versus docking in a large and busy commercial dock area where it might take you over 30 minutes in a cab (another expense) just to get to a nice beach. Some smaller ships will even stay in port overnight giving you a whole new perspective of the town you’re in.

There really aren’t any cruise lines that are adult-only, but these smaller more upscale cruise lines don’t cater to children so you will find very few if any of them onboard.

So while these smaller cruise lines cost more their benefits and the over-all positive cruise experience far out ways the extra cost.

We are always here to help and guide you in planning your next great adventure. So why not give us a call and book your next cruise with us.

The Cruise Butler – 830-981-2445 – http://www.TheCruiseButler.com 


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