River cruises versus large ship cruises.

Last week I wrote an article of “Me versus the internet”. Well this week my article is “River cruises versus large ship cruises”.

So many times I try to convince people to try a river cruise. The main reason is that they constantly complain that the itineraries of the big cruise lines do the same old thing, or that the ships are too big, with too many people, the lines are long, and they nickel and dime you all day long. Well folks it doesn’t have to be that way.

What I try to tell people is that you need to look at the overall big picture of a river cruise. That means knowing ALL the extras that are included. Not only is it nice to have these extras included, it also makes your vacation more relaxing and enjoyable.

Check out the chart below:


large ship vs. river cruise comparison chart

So if you are tired of 800 unruly kids running all over the ship, or waiting in long buffet lines because somebody can’t decide on which tomato slice to choose from or if you’re tired of the constant peddling and nickel and diming of the cruise then don’t do it anymore !!!!

These river cruises don’t cost that much more than your typical Princess or Celebrity cruise line. Plus the overall cruise experience is so much better.

A river cruise is a destination-orientated, immersive and culturally-rich experience. These ships sail right into port and drop you off just steps away from all the attractions filled with history. The destinations are really the heart of this product.

Some of the inclusions include shore excursions in every port, specialty coffees and teas, bottled water, sodas, wine and beer for dinner (and sometimes lunch too), free wi-fi, wine and cheese tastings and more.  Your bags won’t be confiscated and you won’t have to go through x-ray machines if you would like to buy a bottle of wine in port to enjoy while on the cruise.

Most of the ships hold less than 200 passengers which means they are smaller intimate ships with spacious rooms and every cabin has a window for the daily changing river view. And since you are slowly cruising on a river there is no such thing as sea- sickness. With less than 200 people onboard there are never longs anywhere, especially during the embarkation and disembarkation process.

River cruises have a 99.6% average passenger satisfaction level. That is huge !!!! And did you know that 80% of people who have taken a river cruise have taken a large ship cruise in the past.

So I urge all of you to expand your horizons and graduate to the next tier of cruising.

Happy Trails.


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