“Me” versus “the internet”

With almost 18 years in this business I offer much more than just quoting a price. A trained monkey can point out a price on a computer screen to you. With all the years that I have been in this business, the 70+ cruises I have been on with all different lines, and all the destinations I have traveled to, you will get much more than that from me.

Do you want to book your vacation with someone who sits behind a desk and has never been to the location that you are interested in? Or with a person who has never been on the cruise line or the ship you are considering spending your valuable money on?Image  Or do you want to deal with someone that spends their own time, money and effort to travel to these destinations to learn all about them?

Go to the customer service tab on our home page and spend some time reading our “clients testimonials” and “qualifications”. After you do you won’t ask me what can you do for me that the internet can’t do?


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