Concerned about being “nickel and dimed” on a cruise.

Concerned about being “nickel and dimed” all during your cruise – well, you don’t have to be! That’s up to you. There are several fantastic upscale cruise lines out there that include all the gratuities, wine, beer, cocktails, specialty restaurants, shuttles, shore excursions and much more. A lot of people however look at the small picture (or price) instead of the big one. Folks will focus on the cheaper mass market cruise prices that we’ve all heardImage about on TV and then when I tell them these prices they get shell-shocked. But wait just a minute, if you take all the gratuities, the larger and fancier cabin, more attentive service, beer, wine, cocktails, bottled water, specialty coffees, daily restocked fridge in your cabin, specialty restaurants, shore excursions and more you will come out very close to the price on these premium and deluxe lines.  However, you will still more than likely pay a little bit more for these premium lines but the level of service, the quality of the food, the ambiance and elegance of the ship are all worth it. The food really is FANTASTIC, service is impeccable, and you can totally enjoy yourself daily without constantly worrying about how much you’re spending and adding to your cruise bill. You also won’t have the crowds, or have to fight for a chair at the pool or have 800 kids running all over the ship. Doesn’t this sound more elegant, relaxing, carefree and upscale to you? Don’t you deserve to take a cruise of this quality?


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