Choosing the right all-inclusive resort for you.

COE trip 2012 108

Azuls Five Resort

Many, many times I have people ask me to find them a deal at a cheap all inclusive resort. Most of those people come back unhappy. Instead of looking for the best price at any all inclusive resort, what you need to do is concentrate on a good value on a resort that’s right for you.

We just returned from a trip to the Mayan Riviera where I was awarded a trip for winning a national sales award. During this stay we had the opportunity to visit 6 different resorts. Each one of these were a different size. Some were small and intimate and some were huge. Some had a great beach while others had coral. Some had an active nightlife while others were very tranquil at night. And while all these resorts included tips, food and drinks, some had okay food, while others had fabulous food and restaurant options. And lastly some resorts were adult only while others catered to families.

So again qualifying your needs and desires will help us in choosing the right resort for you. It probably wont be the cheapest deal for you, but it will be the one that caters to the majority of your desires.